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A DayDreamer's Manifesto

The ever-present cellphone diminishes the need for a wristwatch to be purely practical, so watch designs can focus more on aesthetics. In the process of doing so, watches can become imitations of static art forms, or they can become their own dynamic art form by utilizing, rather than simply allowing, the vital aspects of wristwatches such as motion and time-telling capabilities. ADDW is dedicated to exploring this modern clockwork art. TimePeace, for example, uses the depth and shadows of the watch to create a three-dimensional imitation of a fishpond, while Quest relies on the stacked layers and motion of the watch to create an imitation of a journey.

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A DayDreamer's Story

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Hi! My name is Aldebaron (Al) Levin, and I'm a daydreamer. I'm also a first year law student at UVA School of Law since the faeries have refused to abduct me thus far. Rather than resign myself to a life without magic, I've started designing watches that are intended to bring whimsy into the lives of daydreamers that can't keep both feet planted in reality. 

A DayDreamer's News Coverage

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