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Telling Time

The small yellow fish's outstretched fin serves as the minute hand, while the large yellow fish's tail indicates the hour.


Made in the USA

Manufactured by Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC., based in Ohio. These watches are not poorly-made novelties; they are built to last.



TimePeace is offered with a lighter case (the metal surrounding the face) and a darker case. Both are matte stainless steel, but the darker case is colored by a military grade titanium carbide PVD hard coating, which increases durability. Only 200 Light and 100 Dark have been produced. 


Design Details

TimePeace replicates the depth of a koi pond, creating a 3D illusion using the tiny distances between the discs of the watch. The stationary lilypads are printed on the inside of the crystal (transparent top part of the watch). In the sunlight, they cast shadows on the small yellow fish that swims around on a layer by itself. The layer below includes the rest of the fish, who swim out from beneath the lilypads' shadows, then return to the safety of cover. The bottom layer is a textured blue, like the bottom of a pond. 

A DayDreamer's TimePeace